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Race rules Fly-SwissAlps

Version V3.0 / July 2023 English

  1. General

    1. The regulations are valid for all Fly-SwissAlps participating pilots and tandem passengers.

    2. The Organizing Committee (OC) reserves the right to change the rules at any time. If necessary, you will be informed at short notice at the mandatory briefing or via Telegram.

    3. The OC of the Fly-SwissAlps is responsible for the content of the website, the registration procedure, the schedule, the definition and operation of the checkpoints (CP), the competition and meteo briefing, the service at the start and finish, the live tracking and evaluation system.

    4. You are responsible for your flying and running equipment, for clothing suitable for the alpine environment, for orientation in the air and in the terrain, the choice of suitable take-off and landing sites adapted to your ability and experience, the assessment of the weather and wind conditions on site, a concluded and valid liability and accident insurance and generally for all the decisions made by you during the running competition.

    5. You are aware of the increased risks resulting from the task of the Fly-SwissAlps. You accept these as an inevitable part of the event.

    6. Your registration and payment of the entry fee will be done online via Late reg-istrations can be made until Friday, August 11, 2023, 20:00 directly at the CheckIn.

    7. If the competition cannot take place due to force majeure, you have no claim to a refund of the entry fee, damages or compensation. Any liability of Fly-SwissAlps is excluded to the extent per-mitted by law. In all other cases it is limited to the amount of the entry fee.

    8. The Fly-SwissAlps Telegram group is used for the dissemination of relevant information before and during the competition. You are obliged to send only information relevant for the competition management.

    9. Failure to comply with the regulations will result in your exclusion from the competition.

  2. Eligibility to start

    1. You are only entitled to start if you can present a valid SHV-Brevet/IPPI-card 4/DHV/ÖAV or another legally recognized flight authorization at the check-in on the day of the competition.

    2. At the check-in on the day of the competition you must also be able to present a liability insurance for hang gliders (paragliders) valid in Switzerland with a coverage of at least 1 million CHF. We recommend that you also take out REGA membership and/or mountain insurance. It is also strongly recommended to all participants to check their accident insurance (NBU)!

    3. Tandem teams are allowed and will be rated in a special category. Both tandem team members pay the full price.

  3. Check-In

    1. CheckIn is possible at the start-finish area (gym):

      • Thursday, August 10, 2023, from 13:00 to 17:00h.

      • Friday, August 11, 2023, from 17:00 to 20:00h

      • Saturday, August 12, 2023 from 07:30 to 09:00h

    2. At the CheckIn the mandatory equipment will be checked.

    3. All participants must sign the obligatory waiver of liability at the CheckIn.

    4. Participants who do not present the obligatory equipment or the waiver of liability at the check-in cannot be admitted to the race.

  4. Task definition CHALLENGE (Score Race)

    1. The task is to collect both a.) mandatory and b.) voluntary checkpoints (CP) standing on the ground.

      a.) Mandatory checkpoints (CP):

      • CP Kühboden/Fiescheralp: 0 points (ATTENTION: CutOff at 13:00h!)

      • CP Gletscherstube: 30 points (ATTENTION: CutOff at 14:00h!)

      • CP Fiesch (official landing site): 20 points

      1. Voluntary checkpoints (CP):

        • CP Grengiols: 80 points

        • CP Chäserstatt: 100 points

        • CP Breithorn: 350 points

    2. The way to these checkpoints (CP) may only be done on foot or flying with the own paraglider. Exceptions are the CP Kühboden/Fiescheralp, which may be reached by cable car.

    3. During the competition the points of the mandatory and voluntary checkpoints (CP) can only be collected once until the finish.

    4. With the exception of CP Kühboden/Fiescheralp the order of the other check points can be cho-sen freely.

  5. Task setting PRO-Race (Score Race)

    1. The task is to collect a.) mandatory as well as b.) voluntary check-points (CP) of free choice. The tasks have been announced on the website of and are also available here (without points & radius). The participants will additionally receive the precise coordinates by email.

    2. The tasks contain tasks which can be completed either on the ground or by overflight. All overflight tasks can also be completed on the ground.

    3. In addition, voluntary extra points can be earned by taking selfies. These must be verified on the ground by a picture of the participant with a trail marker (trail sign, summit cross, etc.) in the background. The picture must be shared via with your name in the Telegram group.

    4. During the competition period, the points of mandatory and voluntary checkpoints (CP) can be collected only once until the finish.

  6. Competition rules

    1. In both races there will be three categories: Women, Men and Tandem.

    2. The winner is the one who collects the most points of the checkpoints (CP) within the shortest time. In case of equal number of points, the faster time at the finish (start/finish) wins.

    3. Start for both categories is: Saturday, August 12, 2023, 10:00h.

    4. Official finish time for the CHALLENGE race is Saturday, August 12, 2023, 20:00h. Official finish time for the PRO race is Sunday, August 13, 2023, 10:00h. Anyone who crosses the finish line after this time will be eliminated from the ranking (CutOff).

    5. In the CHALLENGE race, the checkpoints must be reached on the ground and will be acknowl-edged with the electronic recording of the start number at the checkpoints (CP).

    6. In the PRO race, the checkpoints are to be fulfilled on the ground or by overflight, depending on the task.

    7. In case of doubt, the track of the official GPS tracker and/or your own IGC/GPS data may be used at the discretion of the OC. Participants must carry their own GPS tracker (watch, mobile, etc.) as evidence.

    8. GPS tracker and mobile phone must be carried at all times. The equipment may be deposited for a short time within a radius of 300m of a checkpoint (CP). The principle of fairness applies.

    9. On the ways between the checkpoints (CP) permanent escorts and escort vehicles for support are not allowed during daylight. However, escorts at the checkpoints and permanent escorts at night (PRO races) are allowed.

    10. The online briefing (procedure, terrain, etc.) in the week before the start as well as the briefing immediately (09:30) before the start are mandatory for all.

    11. Flight rules, airspaces (ATTENTION: airfield Münster/VS !), game protection, hunting ban areas etc. must be observed at all times. Disregard will be sanctioned with exclusion from the race.

    12. For the PRO-Race there is a STRICT flight ban between 21:10h and 05:50h! Failure to comply will be sanctioned with exclusion from the race.

    13. The routes and the checkpoints are (partly) marked. However, you are solely responsible for the choice of route and path both in the air and on the ground. The coordinates provided by the OC may vary slightly in the terrain.

    14. For take-offs and landings only mowed meadows and paths are to be used whenever possible. Deep flyovers, take-offs or landings on meadows with animals are not allowed. They could get spooked, break out of the pasture and cause damage. If you open pasture fences, close them again! If you have caused damage to fences etc., you report it immediately to the next checkpoint (CP) or to the Fly-SwissAlps-organisation.

    15. IMPORTANT: If you don't finish the race for any reason (race abandonment), you have to sign out immediately at the next checkpoint (CP) or the race management by phone/SMS/Tele-gram! If you fail to do so and cause a search (Air-Zermatt), you alone will bear the costs!

    16. If you abandon the race prematurely for any reason, you organize the return to the finish in-dependently whenever possible. The costs for this are to be borne by you alone.

    17. The race management can stop the race at any time without giving a reason. No costs will be refunded.

  7. Equipment

    1. Obligatory equipment (for all): You must carry this equipment with you at all times during the entire competition and may not change it during this time. You can be checked by the OC at any time:

      • EN/LTF certified paragliders (EN 926-2 and 926-1) in the weight range specified by the man-ufacturer, harnesses with certified protectors (EN 1651/LTF 91/09) and certified emergency parachutes (EN 12491).

      • Hard shell helmet: EN 966 (air sports), EN1077 (winter sports). NO CLIMBING HELMETS!

      • Constantly on the Swiss mobile network ready to send and receive cell phone with Telegram group:

      • 1 x rescue blanket (140 cm x 200 cm), 1 x elastic 1 x elastic emergency bandage (min. 200 cm x 4 cm), 1 x whistle

      • Emergency sheet with emergency numbers and further information

      • PRO-Race ONLY: headlamp with spare batteries

    2. GPS tracker and mobile phone must be carried at all times. The equipment may be deposited within a radius of 300m of a checkpoint (CP) for a short time. The fairness principle applies.

    3. For your electronic registration at the checkpoint and the time registration the transponder integrated in the start number (or in a tape) is used. The start number must be worn visibly on the body (chest, stomach, leg) or on the backpack.

    4. For live tracking you will receive a GPS tracker from Fly-SwissAlps for the duration of the race. You are obliged to carry this tracker with you at all times.

    5. After the end of the race, you must return the GPS tracker in the start/finish area! In case of loss or missing return of the GPS-Tracker until Sunday, August 13, 2023, 10:00h at the latest, you have to pay an amount of CHF/€ 100.--! Also in case of later recovery/return of the GPS-Tracker.

    6. Recommended equipment:

      • Functional clothing adapted to the alpine (!) weather conditions

      • Powerbank

      • hiking sticks

      • Sunglasses, sunscreen

      • Drinks & food (in addition to the food at the CPs)

  8. Safety

    1. You alone are responsible for the airworthiness of you and your equipment!

    2. You alone are responsible for your route choice and decisions in the air and on the ground!

    3. During the competition the OC maintains a communication and safety system in the competition area. The checkpoints (CP) play a central role. In case of incidents you should report there first! If this is not possible for you, contact us immediately via the emergency number. However, in the alpine competition area we can neither guarantee a complete monitoring nor a complete communication! Always be aware of this! A SAT-tracker (InReach, SPOT etc.) is highly recommended!

    4. The OC reserves the right to make changes to the course, the checkpoints (CP) or the times at short notice or even to cancel the competition, especially if weather conditions and the protection of the participants require it.

    5. The OC will inform you before and during the event about important changes or adjustments of the competition via the Telegram group:

    6. If another participant has obvious problems or even an accident, you have to help him immediately without being asked and immediately alert the OC, the next checkpoint (CP) or the rescue services. The most important emergency numbers will be given to you.

    7. We appeal to your fairness towards the other competitors and the OC.

  9. Waiver of liability

    1. The Fly-SwissAlps takes place in the challenging alpine flying arena around Fiesch and the Goms. Valley winds, lee sides and meteorological conditions (wind, thunderstorms etc.) can be dange-rous for flying! There are many cables in the competition area (electricity/telephone/cableway) and narrow landing areas! We have already made you explicitly aware of these circumstances on our event website as well as in the briefings.

    2. You are aware of these circumstances and know your abilities and limits. You are able to make independent decisions even when you are physically tired and under stress!

    3. You are aware that there is no GSM (mobile) radio coverage everywhere in the competition area. Online-supported navigation or calls for help via cell phone might not be possible! Therefore use (PRO-Race) if possible additionally a private satellite tracker/emergency call system (InReach, SPOT etc.).

    4. With your registration, you therefore fully waive all your claims for damages, liability or satis-faction against the organization and its agents, which - regardless of the legal basis - could be claimed in connection with the registration or participation in the race.

    5. You also sign the disclaimer and the waiver at the check-in. You thereby declare your unrestric-ted agreement with the present regulations.

  10. Picture rights

    1. For pictures (photo, video), which we as organizers of the Fly-SwissAlps take of you or your com-panions or which are made available to us by third parties, you assign all rights to them permanently and without compensation to the organizers.

    2. As organizers, we are entitled to use such images for reporting and advertising - in particular to use them on our websites as well as on our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) without restriction, permanently and free of charge or to make them available to our media partners or the SHV for reporting purposes as well.

  11. Data protection

    1. With the registration you agree that we as organizers of the Fly-SwissAlps as well as our vicarious agents may freely process the personal data for the purpose of the execution, newsletter, pub-lication of results and media reporting.

    2. With the registration you also agree that we as organizers of the Fly-SwissAlps may also make your personal data available to advertising and media partners.

    3. In all other respects the current Swiss data protection law applies.

  12. Final provisions

    1. Subsidiary to these competition regulations the current sport regulations of the SHV-Hike'n'Fly League as well as the X-Alps-Academy-Swisscup are valid.

    2. The doping statute of Swiss Olympic as well as the ethics charter of the Swiss sport are valid without restrictions.

    3. Differences about placing or interpretation of the competition rules have to be settled by mutual agreement. A formal protest must be submitted in writing to the race director at least one hour before the end of the race. If a formal protest is filed, the OC will appoint a jury - consisting of one OC member, one neutral person and one participant. The jury decides finally by majority vote.

    4. In all legal matters, Swiss law is exclusively applicable to the exclusion of the IPRG. The place of jurisdiction in all cases is Brig/VS.

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