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The 100KM course is right between the 50KM and the 160KM distance. If a 50KM sounds like too easy and you are not ready to tackle a 160KM course, this might just be the race you're looking for. This is not an easy race and definitely has its technical sections. But that being said, it is not an impossible course especially with a do-able 26 hour cutoff time. Top runners finish this course between 12 to 13 hours. What will your time be?

Like the 50KM runners, 100KM participants start in Münster at 1'327 m.ü.M. (4,353 feet) and the course begins with a gradual downhill on farm/fire-roads and single trails with some occasional slight uphills. At 9km (5.5 miles) 50KM and 100KM runners get the opportunity to cross over the 280 meter (918 feet) suspension bridge Mühlebach - Fürgangen. Soon after that they'll arrive at the Mühlebach aid station where they can find their drop bag if they have one.

From Mühlebach they run to Grengiols. Next up is "The Beast" a 1'128 meter (3,700ft) climb in only 10.3km (6.4 miles) with 14 switchbacks. Soon runners find the Breithorn aid station. 160KM runners will then run over the Saflischpass to the Rosswald aid station, around the Fülhorn which is the highest point of this course at 2'734 meter (8,969'). Climbing up to the Fülhorn presents another technical sections of the course where runners have to watch their steps for a few meters. After coming by the Breithorn aid station one more time they're down to the Binn aid station where runners can get their drop bag if they have one. The next 13.7km (8.5 miles) it's a long uphill, followed by a short downhill and a short uphill again to the Chäserstatt aid station.

Once they leave the Chäserstatt aid station they'll run over to the last aid station Reckingen, where crews are allowed to meet their runners for the last time. From there it's an almost mostly downhill run to the finish line.

With a total elevation gain of 5,380 meters (17'650'), 100KM runners will have a doable cutoff time of 26 hours.

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Race profile with aid station locations
Aid Station Cutoff Times
Aid StationDistanceAscendDescendDrop BagsCrewPacerCutoff
Niederwald8.7KM78m158mSat 10:00 Uhr
Mühlebach15.0KM303m314mSat 10:30 Uhr
Grengiols22.7KM290m413mSat 13:00 Uhr
Breithorn33.6KM1342m24mSat 16:00 Uhr
Rosswald42.3KM272m575mSat 18:00 Uhr
Breithorn54.2KM1017m714mSat 20:30 Uhr
Binn62.1KM200m1223mSat 23:30 Uhr
Chäserstatt75.8KM1285m923mSun 2:30 Uhr
Reckingen92.5KM966m1388mSun 6:00 Uhr
Münster100KM300m795mSun 9:00 Uhr
Race overfly course video
The Blinnental aid station was replaced with the Reckingen aid station
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