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2018 Results

The 2018 race was canceled 12 hour into the race due to extreme weather.

You are looking at the 2018 80KM results (September 1, 2018)
111:57:16Lukas Schulthess Switzerland 39 M1
212:08:50Jonas Stutz Switzerland 30 M2
312:25:10Thomas Binggeli Switzerland 45 M3
412:54:50Markus Dick Switzerland 43 M42021 (100K)   2018 (80K)  
513:02:50Alexis Lieber Switzerland 32 M5
614:11:25Charly Imoberdorf Switzerland 51 M62021 (100K)   2018 (80K)   2017 (13K)  
714:38:07Markus Armbruster Germany 40 M7
814:38:07Markus Mattmann Switzerland 48 M8
915:27:18Andre Studer Switzerland 40 M92022 (100K)   2021 (100K)   v2020(800K)   2019 (100K)   2018 (80K)  
1015:43:44Axel Danhausen Switzerland 49 M10
1116:02:12Antje Knobloch Germany 44 F12022 (100K)   2021 (100K)   v2020(800K)   2019 (100K)   2018 (80K)  
1216:14:10Yann Haenni Switzerland 41 M11
1316:28:43Fumiya Iwasato Japan 28 M12
1417:01:18Pitschna Jäckle Switzerland 31 F2
1518:00:51Sergey Novitsky The Netherlands 45 M13
1619:01:30Nicole Balestrere United States of America 33 F3v2020(800K)   2018 (80K)  
1719:12:18Andrew Macdonnell United States of America 35 M14
1819:41:12Matthias Wagner Germany 51 M15
1919:41:12Wendy Widmer Switzerland 59 F4

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