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Drop Bags

The race management will transport your drop bags to the Riederfurka, Blitzingen, and Grengiols aid station. You can also have one drop bag at the start/finish area, which will remain there during the entire race. We provide this service to mainly aid runners who are running the race without a crew. The runners, who do have a crew, should try not to overload our volunteers with unnecessary drop bags.

Drop bags must be securely tied, labeled clearly with the runner's name and bib number, and deposited at the appropriate collection station. We allow drop bags to be deposited at the following times:

The drop bags should be of reasonable size. In 2017, a runner brought a suitcase as a drop bag which is clearly way too big. What you see on the example photo below is suitable. You are limited to one drop bag per aid station. Pacers are not allowed drop bags. The collection station is located inside the gym where also the runner's check-in is happening. Please do not use paper bags, shoe boxes, or anything made of paper-like products. These can get wet and tear easily.

It is imperative that runners do not leave perishable items in their drop bags. Do NOT place glass bottles in your drop bags.

The drop bags will be returned to the gym as soon as that aid station is closing. In details, the drop bags should be back the latest at the gym:

You also are free to go and pick up your drop bags at those aid stations. Simply get to the aid station and let the volunteers there know that you are taking your drop bag.

It is the responsibility of each runner to claim his or her drop bags. If you cannot retrieve your drop bags, have someone else do it for you. Drop bags must be claimed the very latest by 12:00 PM, Sunday. Any drop bags remaining in the gym following the event may be disposed of. DO NOT leave valuables in your drop bags.

The race is not responsible for lost or damaged drop bags and their contents.

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