Real-Time GPS Tracking
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GEO TRACKS will be providing the real-time GPS tracking. Each runner (except Vertical and Kids Run) will receive a GPS tracker they will have to carry with them at all times during the race. This will enable family and friends to track their runners in real-time.

It is very important that the runner does not switch off this tracker at any time. They also have to wear this device at any time and are not allowed to have it carry by another person like a pacer.

Once the runner is arriving at the finish line, they will have to give the tracker back to the race at that moment. If a runner is dropping mid-race they have to give the tracker to the captain at the aid station where they drop.

If the runner is loosing the tracker or fails to give it back at the finish line or at the aid station they drop she or he will be billed for the cost of either ship the device back to the GEO TRACKS company in the UK or the cost of replacing it.

We highly recommend that family and friends download the GEO TRACKS app which will make following their runners very easy. You can download the GEO TRACK app at:

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