Course Info 160KM

The 160KM is the longest and hardest race at the Swiss Alps 100. With a total elevation gain of 9'850m (32,317 feet) it sure will test runners to the max on the course.

The course being so challenging it helps a lot that you will be enjoying incredible views like running along the Aletsch Glacier, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage, and traversing over the 124 meter (406 feet) Belalp-Riederalp suspension bridge , the 160 meter (524 feet) Aspi-Titter suspension bridge , and the 280 meter (918 feet) suspension bridge Mühlebach-Fürgangen .

After the Belalp aid station there is a tough out-and-back up to the hightest point of the course at 2789 meter above sea-level (9150 feet). The distance between the Reckingen and the Chäserstatt aid station is challenging because it has the longest distance of 16.8KM (10.4 miles) and also has a 1320 meter (4330 feet) uphill and then a 832m (2729') downhill. And, of course, the prudal 5.3km (3.2 miles) and 1127 meter (3697 feet) uphill after the Binn aid station going on top of the Breithorn. Lastly, after the Rossald aid station runners will go over the Fülhorn which has a very short but very technical section.

Finisher, who finish this course in less than 24 hours, will receive a sub-24 hour antic silver belt buckle. Whoever finish between 24 and 48 hours will receive a sub-48 hours antic brass belt buckle. We also give out female/male age group awards (18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60-69, 70+). And the DFL (very last finisher) will get a WhiteAlps Sport Rush-7 (black) hydration pack and a full-size version of a Hit!Balm product.

See the race weekend schedule page for the check-in and race starting times. The overall cutoff-time is 48 hours. Finishers will get 6 UTMB points and earn a WS100 qualifier.

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The 160km overall cutoff time is 48 hours which means the average pace is 17:50 per kilometer
Aid StationLeg KMTotal KMCutoffDrop BagsCrewPacer
Start Fiesch7.2km0kmFri 9:00
Kühboden8.8km7.2kmFri 11:00
Riederfurka7.9km16.0kmFri 13:45
Belalp6.9km23.9kmFri 16:00
Belalp10.4km30.8kmFri 18:00
Riederfurka11.5km41.2kmFri 21:15
Gletscherstube12.0km52.7kmSat 00:30
Niederwald7.2km64.7kmSat 4:15
Reckingen16.8km71.9kmSat 6:15
Chäserstatt13.8km88.7kmSat 11:15
Binn8.1km102.5kmSat 15:30
Breithorn8.5km110.6kmSat 18:00
Rosswald12.0km119.1kmSat 20:30
Breithorn11.3km131.1kmSun 24:00
Grengiols7.9km142.4kmSun 3:15
Mühlebach7.7km150.3kmSun 5:45
Finish Fiesch0km158.0kmSun 9:00
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