Having a crew to help a runner is very beneficial to the runner on these difficult courses. 10 out of 13 aid stations are accessible to the crew and they are located in very beautiful places for the crew to enjoy. This event is a great experience for both the runners and the crews.

Due to some of the aid station locations, it is highly recommended that the crew drives a car. Public transportation in Switzerland is excellent, but does not run to all aid stations and does not run at night. If a car is not an option, please use the public transportation website to plan your crew needs during the race.

Kühboden (160KM | 100KM | 50KM | Vertical) - See Online Map

After your runners started the race you can walk 1km to the cable car Fiesch-Eggishorn AG, which will take you to the Kühboden aid station. It's only a 7-minute gondula ride and along the way you might even spot your runner making his/her way up the mountain.

Once there simply walk to the Hotel Restaurant Alpina, which is virtually next to the arrival building.

Eggishorn (Vertical) - See Online Map

The Eggishorn is the finish line for the Vertical. Families and friends are encouraged to go see their runner finish there. They also can enjoy an incredible 360 degree view of the Swiss Alps including the Matterhorn and the Aletsch Glacier

To get there simply follow the instructions to get to the Kühboden aid station. But once you get to Fiescheralp you'll change to a different cable car which will take you to the Eggishorn.

Riederfurka (160KM) - See Online Map

Since you'll have to take the cable car back to Fiesch, drive 10KM to Mörel, take the cable car to Riederalp West, and then walk to the aid station, there might be a chance that you miss your runner at his/her first pass since it's only 8.8km between the Kühboden and the Riederfurka aid station. But you'll see him/her when he/she comes back at 41.2km.

First, drive to Mörel and then take the Ried-Mörel Riederald (West) cable car which goes to Riederalp West (yellow line on map). Once there you'll have a 1km walk (150m ascent) to the Berghotel Riederfurka which is the aid station (pink line on map) . Make sure you know where to walk.

Bellwald (160KM | 100KM | 50KM) - See Online Map

The Bellwald aid station is easy to reach. From Fiesch, it's a 9.4km drive up the valley until you reach the beautiful village of Bellwald. You will park your car at the main parking lot in the village.

Once you have parked your car, walk about 40 meters to the aid station, which is located in the multi-purpose hall in the center of the village.

Reckingen (160KM | 100KM) - See Online Map

The Reckingen aid station is a 13km drive from the starting line. Make sure you know where to drive when you get to the Recking village.

When you drive by the aid station, which is at the Hotel Glocke, you will not be allowed to park there since availability is very limited. Instead, you keep driving 500 meters up the street where you find a big grassy parking lot. Just park there and walk back to the aid station (pink line on map).

Blitzingen (160KM | 100KM | 50KM) - See Online Map

Blitzingen is another easy to reach aid station. From Fiesch, simply drive up the valley for about 8.5 km. Turn right and go downhill. You will cross the train tracks and drive over a short bridge.

At the end of the bridge turn right and park your car. The aid station will be right there.

Chäserstatt (160KM | 100KM | 50KM) - See Online Map

The drive to Chäserstatt is almost identical like to the Mühlebach aid station. Parking at the Chäserstatt aid station is a bit limited but you'll find space because at that point all runners are very spread out.

Once you arrive there go inside the Chäserstatt restaurant and have a delicious local wine or cold beer and eat some food. That restaurant is sponsoring this aid station so please return the love.

This is also one of the aid station with a killer view.

Binn (160KM | 100KM) - See Online Map

Binn is not only easy to to access it's also an incredible beautiful village. They have restaurants and a grocery store there. At one point you'll drive through a tight tunnel which is 2km long. That tunnel looks tight but no worries. Just drive. If a car comes towards you it's just wide enough to cross each other. If it is a truck or buss, you'll have to wait in one of the few waiting spots along the tunnel.

When you get to Binn you'll go to the lower parking area. You will have to pay for parking there and they do check and give tickets. From the parking lot it's very easy 300 meter walk. Just walk inside the village and find the small bridge. Then follow the course markings.

Mühlebach (160KM | 100KM | 50KM) - See Online Map

Getting to Mühlebach is very easy. You will be driving to the aid station location but you won't be allowed to park there because the aid station is in the garage of a private house and there is no parking. Instead, you'll keep driving 300 meter to a big parking lot and then you walk back to the aid station (pink line on map).

At this aid station all runners will come by. Bring your chair and cheer runners on while they're coming through this aid station.

Rosswald (160KM) - See Online Map

Rosswald is the farthest aid station and the most difficult to get to. Due to the difficulties getting there, you will not be able to bring many items for your runner.

The drive from the starting line to the Rosswald cable car valley station is 26km long. Next, you will have to take the cable car to Rosswald (green line on map). That is the easy part.

From the cable car mountain station you will have to walk to the aid station. That walk is 1.5km long and you'll ascent 300 meters! You will not be able to bring much especially no coolers and such.

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