2023 Training Camp

Here it is!

The Swiss Alps 100 is presenting the 2nd annual training camp from Thursday June 29 to Monday July 3, 2023 at a cost of CHF800.-. The camp headquarter will be at the Restaurant Alpina in Fiescheralp, which is also happen to be the first aid station at the race. The cost will include:

You do not have to be registered to run the 2022 Swiss Alps 100 in order to participate at this camp.
You can find the registration payment option on the bottom of this page.

Sponsored by
Peak Punk
Accommodations by
Hotel Alpina

The routes are adjusted according to the snow and weather conditions.

Meeting: Friday evening June 24, 2022

The running adventure begins with a relaxed start on Friday evening in the Sport Resort Fiesch. Together we will get in the mood for the coming days over a delicious dinner and all organizational matters will be clarified. The first night is at the Sport Resort Fiesch.

Day 1: Saturday June 25, 2022

On the first day of the run, we move into our Life Base for the next 4 days on Fiescheralp. After checking in at the Hotel Alpina we finally start on the trails in the direction of Riederfurka. This is a distance reserved for the 160 km participants. From the Riederfurka we descend to the Belalp-Riederalp suspension bridge. After crossing the imposing bridge, it goes up to the picturesque Hotel Belalp with a new, impressive perspective of the Aletsch Glacier. The way back begins with the valley crossing over the Gibidum dam, then a slightly different route back to Riederfurka. From there we walk on the moraine along the Aletsch Glacier and turn right in front of the Bettmerhorn down to the Fiescheralp. A hearty dinner awaits us at Hotel Alpina.

Course Online Map
Total distance: 36km
Total elevation gain: 2'320 meters
Total elevation loss: 2'320 meters

Day 2: Sunday June 26, 2022

The second day begins with a first ascent west to the Bettmerhorn. This is a perfect warm up and we head back up the ridge - towards the majestic Aletsch Glacier. Between the massive Bettmerhorn and the eternal ice, we enjoy the fresh, clear air and the breathtaking view and head to the Gletscherstube. From here begins the picturesque descent over several short steps and smooth rock ridges down to the Aspi-Titter suspension bridge. With countless photos on the bridge in the sack and the shaky crossing, it's time to collect a few meters of altitude before you go down through the village of Bellwald to Niederwald. Our second adventure ends there and we return to the Alpina restaurant by public transport.

Course Online Map
Total distance: 20.5km
Total elevation gain: 880 meters
Total elevation loss: 1'850 meters

Day 3: Montag June 27, 2022

On the third day we start after a short train ride in Reckingen. There we soon leave the pretty village up in the direction of Blinnental. Here begins an important section to be discovered. It is not only the longest section between two aid stations (16.8 km), but also a great running challenge. Here the other, the wild and deserted Valais appears for the first time. This is what you have to experience and enjoy on the way to Chummefurgge and then down to Chäserstatt. From the Chäserstatt we take a shortcut to Mühlebach (50 km route in reverse direction) and cover the section of the race between the last aid station and the finish. The third day of running ends at the valley station and we take the gondola up to the hotel.

Course Online Map
Total distance: 26km
Total elevation gain: 1'640 meters
Total elevation loss: 1'900 meters

Day 4: Tuesday June 28, 2022

On the fourth day we will tackle the difficult section of the 100km and 160km races. The starting gun is fired in the small Valais village of Binn. There we begin with what appears to be a short but difficult ascent to the Breithorn. Although it is only 8.1 km between the aid station in Binn and Breithorn, there is a 5.2 km section with an altitude difference of 1,150 metres. Arriving at the top of the Breithorn, we first enjoy the hard-earned view up and down the valley before we let it roll to Grengiols. From there we take the train back to Fiesch. Finally, we enjoy dinner together before we say goodbye in all directions.

Course Online Map
Total distance: 21km
Total elevation gain: 1'240 meters
Total elevation loss: 1'750 meters

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