virtual Swiss Alps 1200KM Leader

So far, all members ran 17,474.81 KM total. Green background on the bib number indicates that they meet their distance concerning the average 12.9KM a day for the past 29 days (which is currently 374.1KM). Red background indicates that they are behind it.

IDBibFirst NameLast NameAgeTotal KMTotal TimeTotal Elevation Gain
18041 - MarionCollaud-Daeppen54 Female Switzerland489.02 KM57h 43m 26s2194 meters
28082 - SamiraRaffinatore Bürgi45 Female Switzerland478.82 KM69h 12m 07s7336 meters
38063 - AnjaEwen52 Female Germany452.31 KM83h 07m 31s2333 meters
48054 - PatricWurmbach50 Male Germany421.00 KM55h 19m 59s8401 meters
58005 - NicholasKenny61 Male United Kingdom386.17 KM55h 40m 04s5792 meters
68016 - PaulGarcia51 Male United States361.41 KM58h 25m 35s1158.79 meters
78027 - LingLeong46 Female United States278.56 KM46h 59m 07s4919.6 meters
88038 - MichaelNeher42 Male Germany186.88 KM17h 54m 22s617 meters
98079 - BeckyBell53 Female United States0.00 KM
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